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In-Situ Tests and Geotechnical Instrumentation.

Various in-situ tests and geotechnical instrumentation works are performed according to the importance and requirements of the projects. Mechanical properties are determined, and the structure-soil relation is monitored during soil investigations and geotechnical engineering construction. We have the capacity to perform a wide variety of in-situ tests (CPT, SPT, plate loading, sand cone, inclinometer, geophysical measurements).

  • CPT
  • SPT
  • Plate Loading Test
  • Pressiometer
  • Pile & Jet Grout Integrity Test
  • Pile & Jet Grout Loading Test
  • Sand Cone Test
  • Dynamic Pile Test
  • Extensometer
  • Clinometer
  • Micro-tremors
  • Piozometer
  • Tiltmeter
  • SCPT
  • Seismic Explorations
  • Electrical Resistance Test
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